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1. How many tickets does a Filmmaker's pass accommodate?

A. The filmmaker's pass is given to the director and producer
of the film, which allows them to watch their film along with other films. Both the director and the producer are allowed
to bring one guest along. Their legal names as per their
state ID must be sent to

Please note, the guest of the director and producer will only
be allowed to their specific screening. If they wish to watch other films, they must either buy a priority pass or rsvp
General Admission. (Check the tickets guidelines)

2. How can a filmmaker reserve more tickets if he/she plans to invite their family and friends or anyone via social media to support their film?

A. The Priority Passes and ticket are on sale.
If you buy one priority ticket, it will be valid for 1 show. If you buy a priority pass, it will be valid for one or two days based on what you ordered. 

If your guests only want to watch one specific screening, then you may order a single ticket. It will be valid only for the screening that you will attend. 

There are also General Admission tickets available which are free RSVP based on first come first serve basis.

3. Is parking free at the venue?

A. No. The parking is $10 per vehicle. You may also find limited metered and free parking around the studios in the neighborhood.

4. We didn't receive any email notification(s) or replies to our queries.

A. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder. 

5. Is there wheelchair access or reserved seating for the disabled?

A. The theater has space in the theater for several wheelchairs and a lift to get them up and down. For further questions, email to check if they are at capacity.

6. Whom can we contact if our film was selected but we were not informed?

A. Firstly, our apologies. In such cases, please bring it to notice of the festival director via emailing him at along with your download link. 

7. I'm having difficulty in seeing the website on my smartphone.

A. We recommend the use of a desktop to view our website as a robust system is being upgraded constantly to ensure it also fits the smaller smart devices.

8. Is there a guest list for cast and crew?

A. Yes. However, the names of the cast and crew must be sent to and make sure to mark the subject line as GUEST LIST with details of their official names, selected film. 


Note: The cast and crew are admitted only to the specific selected film project. They can also buy priority pass if they plan to watch other films for either one or both days. 

Please check the Tickets section.


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